Buddhism in 
Arunachal Pradesh

Nameri NP - Thembang - Tawang - Bomdila  
10D/ 9N

Located high in the mountain ranges of the Eastern Himalaya, is the holy town of Tawang – the land of the Monpa and Sherdukpen people; cultures which display an integration of indigenous beliefs and Tibetan Buddhism. Often referred to as the ‘Land Of Snowy Mountains’, the region offers extremely scenic mountain panoramas, peaceful villages, rare floral diversity, enlightening monasteries & serene lakes.

 Find peace and inspiration at the Tawang Monastery.

 Breathtaking scenery of high Eastern Himalayan mountains.

 Village walks and homestay with the Monpa people.


Trek to the Beyul of Pemako

Upper Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh  
25D/ 24N

Located in the Upper Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh, lies parts of the Beyul of Pemako; described in ancient Buddhist scrolls of Guru Padmasambhava as a secret paradise hidden in the heart and depth of the Himalayas. This trek through hauntingly beautiful forests of rhododendrons, bamboo and wildflowers, will take you to remote spiritual centers and inspirational lakes located high in the mountains.

 Trek to sacred Buddhist sites and lakes in the metaphysical land of Pemako.

 Pristine remote landscapes of the hidden Himalayas.

 Cultural interactions with the Adi people.


Rainforest Trekking in Namdapha National Park

Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh  
9D/ 8N

This trek will take you through the dense rainforests of Namdapha National Park, into wild frontiers. The elements of nature are at their best here, and once a blue moon, on an unfortunate rainy day, one can expect to battle against hard terrain consisting of mud, slime, blood sucking leeches and thick jungles. But it is the thrill of conquering these odds that makes the Namdapha trek rewarding.

 Trek in the great rainforest of Namdapha National Park.

 Rich biodiversity consisting of rare and endemic species.

 Learn about life in a rainforest from tribespeople.


Angling and Rafting in the Subansiri River

Subansiri River, Arunachal Pradesh  
9D/ 8N

The Subansiri River originates in the Tibetan Himalayas flowing into the Indian plains after traversing the vast mountain wilderness of Arunachal Pradesh. The sparse human habitation along the lower half of the river makes it ideal for rafting and kayak enthusiasts. The river has beautiful whitewater, class 3+ rapids, big game fishes and flows through exotic forested landscape inhabited by kind tribals.

 Paddle down the virgin and exotic valley of the Subansiri River.

 Breathtaking sandy campsites.

 Cultural interaction with the mountain tribes.


The Monpa High Mountains

West Kameng & Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh  
11D/ 10N

This trek in the high eastern Himalayas offers an experience of trekking through some breathtaking landscapes of virgin pine, oak and rhododendron forests. Traversing an average of 4000 meters, the panoramic views of the Kangto and Gorichen peaks is well perceived. Cross mountain passes, find solitude in high altitude lakes and visit villages of the Monpa tribe who have an animist-Buddhist culture.

 Hike through villages and rhododendron filled forests of the Eastern Himalayas.

 Majestic views and panoramic vistas.

 Influence of Monpa culture in Arunachal Pradesh.


Tribes of 
Central Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro - Daporijo - Aalo - Pasighat  
10D/ 9N

On this tour, you'll drive across the central region of Arunachal Pradesh which is the tribal heartland of the state. Various tribes inhabit these lands, such as the Apatani, Tagin, Adi, and Gallong, where they live in close partnership with nature and practice sustainable ways of living. You will get to visit their villages and houses, interact with them and learn about their unique cultures.

 Cultural interaction with fascinating tribes such as the Apatani and Adi.

 Beautiful villages and scenery of the Eastern Himalayas.

 The ingenious hanging bridges of the Siang Valley.


Wildlife and Tribes of Northeast India

Manas NP - Nameri NP - Ziro - Majuli - Gibbon WS - Kaziranga NP - Mon - Dibru Saikhowa NP - Namdapha NP

This tour is a great mix of the rich natural and cultural diversity of Northeast India. A a look into not only the wildlife but also the tribes of the region who inhabit the wilderness. Covering 5 of the best national parks of the region which display a multitude of natural habitats, flora and fauna. As you journey across the wild frontier you will get to interact with tribes such as Konyaks and Apatanis.

 Journey across five beautiful national parks

 Meet fascinating tribes such as the Apatani and the Konyak.

 Learn about sustainable forest based lifestyles.


The Great East Himalayan Wildlife Journey

Manas NP - Nameri NP - Kaziranga NP - Gibbon WS - Dibru Saikhowa NP - Namdapha NP - Dihing Patkai WS  
16D/ 15N

A special tour for the keen wildlife observer, for 16 days, you will go on a thrilling journey in India’s wildest territory – the northeast, and discover biodiversity that is rare, fascinating and endemic. A tour that will cover 5 national parks and 2 wildlife sanctuaries, taking you from the Himalayan foothills of Manas National Park to the rainforest of India’s largest nature reserve - Namdapha National Park.

 Guided jeep, elephant and boat safaris across various natural habitats.

 Thrilling walks in the jungles.

 Rainforest biodiversity of Namdapha National Park.


The Apatanis of Ziro Valley

Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh  
5D/ 4N

This short break takes you to the quaint valley of Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh, which is home of one of the planet’s most fascinating tribe – the Apatani people. The valley is also famous for the rice cum fish cultivation which is practiced in high altitudinal plains. You will be visiting Apatani villages and staying in a local’s home, where authentic interactions will provide a deeper insight into their peculiar...

 Meet the tattooed Apatani people of Arunachal Pradesh.

 Breathtaking scenery of the Ziro Valley.

 Village walks and homestays.