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Central Arunachal Pradesh Tour of Tribes (10 days)

Central Arunachal Pradesh is the tribal heartland of Northeast India. Here you will find a mix of many tribes; from the fascinating Apatanis to the once warrior Adis, to the notorious Tagins. Experience the unique and sustainable lifestyles of these tribes, visit their villages and indulge in their welcoming hospitality. In this tour, you'll pass through some breathtaking scenery of the Eastern Himalayas, through virgin rainforests, remote tribal villages and turquoise rivers such as the ever-mighty Siang and the Subansiri. Readmore +

Through Tribes & Wildlife of Northeast India (20 days)

This tour is a mix of various aspects of Northeast India, and is a great way to begin one's journey to this region - where you get to witness the breathtaking nature and wildlife of the region, and meet the fascinating tribes who inhabit these faraway heavens. The tour covers five of the best of national parks of the region. Among communities, you will visit the spiritual island of Majuli in Assam, the valley of Ziro of the Apatani Tribes, and meet the fierce Konyak Tribe in the hills of Mon in Nagaland. Readmore +

Nagaland Tour of Tribes - Ao, Angami & Konyaks (11 days)

This tour will take you through the breadth of Nagaland, one of India's remote outpost and a land of festivals. Starting from Mon in eastern Nagaland, the tour will travel west till Kohima, the capital of Nagaland. You will cover fascinating villages of the various Naga tribes such as Konyak, Ao and Angami. You will drive through verdant hills, get to meet friendly tribal people and along the way, you'll witness a culture which is charming and sustainable in many of their aspects. Readmore +

Trek to the Beyul of Pemako (22 days)

This trek in the eastern Himalayas is an experience of a lifetime where you will get to visit sacred Buddhist lands of Pemako which remain immersed in the beauty of high forested mountains. You will climb to the crystal lakes of Danakosha (at 14000 ft) which are believed to provide magical powers. The trek will then descend through remote tribal villages and the paradisaical Buddhist refuge center of Dewakota. Readmore +

Angling & Rafting in the Subansiri River

The turquoise and green Subansiri Rivers originates in South Tibet and flows through Arunachal Pradesh forming spectacular green carpeted valleys cut deep in the Himalayas. Rafting down this river is a beautiful experience, where you cross remote tribal villages and evergreen forests. And then there is the chance of angling the ever elusive Golden Mahseer, one of the world's most respected fighter fish. Readmore +

The Hornbill Festival of Nagaland (1-7 December)

Nagaland, the land of fascinating tribes, is known as the 'land of festivals'. And every first week of December, the Hornbill Festival is organized. A time when all the tribes of Nagaland come together and showcase their cultures in a colorful and zestful spirit that will awe and grace any traveler. A time of celebration, of singing, dancing, drinking, eating and merry making. Readmore +

The Majuli Raas Mahotsav Festival (November)

Every November, the island of Majuli in Assam becomes a hub of ancients arts, drama and music, where entire communities of the island participate with infectious zest. It is in celebration of the divinity of Lord Krishna, the Hindu God who has shaped much of the Assamese culture of Vaishnavism. Readmore +

Aoling Festival of the Konyak Headhunters (1-6 April)

Come first week of April, the charismatic ex-headhunting Konyak Tribe of Nagaland celebrates the Aoling Festival with gusto and pride. Celebrated to welcome a new year and the spring season, the festival is a time of colorful dances, unending feasts, animistic ceremonies and heavy drinking. For travelers seeking offbeat cultures, the festival gives an opportunity to witness a forgotten culture, staying midst the Konyaks in verdant hills that remain remote and hidden from the world. Readmore +

The Great Northeastern Wildlife Tour (17 days)

A thrilling wildlife experience that has been specially created for the die-hard wildlife enthusiast. An experience of a lifetime, where for 17 days, you'll encounter the great diversity of wildlife that is found in the forests of North-Eastern India. Altogether, you will visit 5 National Parks and 2 Wildlife Sanctuaries - covering all the wildlife of the Himalayan Biodiversity Hotspot and the Indo-Burma Biodiversity hotspot. Readmore +

Singing with the birds (9 days)

An ideal tour through the best bird-watching spots and secret places of Northeastern India. For nine days, you will experience the delightful bird-life of the Assam plains, and also witness the many species of wild animals. Along with the best bird guides of Assam, you will get a chance to go for thrilling elephant safaris, jeep safaris and wildlife walks. Readmore +




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