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Assam Tea Tourism


Dibrugarh - Sivsagar - Johrat

Throughout the world, Assam is known for its tea. The British had first started cultivating tea in Assam about 150 years ago, and since then, tea has played an important role in the life and culture of the people of Assam. More than just economic benefits, tea has provided Assam, with a certain old-world and laid back charm, where life is so slow and relaxed, that the region can surely be regarded as one of the laziest places on the earth. There are more than 800 tea estates that stretch for, till as far as the wandering eye can see. Some of the larger tea-estates have heritage bungalows, some of which are more than a hundred years old. Your stay in these heritage bungalows is certain to take you back in time - to days of that elegant and subtle Victorian aristocracy. It is a revitalizing experience to live a laid back existence, sip on the finest of tea and do nothing else but gaze at the surrounding greenery; that stretches for miles and miles. You will also visit old medieval ruins of the Ahom Kingdom, and explore local villages. Read More