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Trees are a gift to the world. They ask so little, yet they provide so much. Without them, life would not exist. And in a CO2 induced world, planting trees is one of the most effective and easiest ways to fight global warming, and at the same time, reduce our own carbon footprint.

We at Greener Pastures are big fans of trees. Infact, we love trees. And to show them respect, we have initiated a project of planting trees in indentified areas of Northeast India; inspired by Jadav Payeng of Assam, a man who has single handedly created a forest of 1200 hecters all by himself, a job that took him more than 30 years to complete. Our aim as of now is to raise about 1000$ and hand it over to Jadav, so that he can better perform the work of planting trees that he is an expert at. We believe that not only will the plantation drive provide clean air, it will also help in educating the local communities about the benefits of conservation, ultimately turning citizens into eco-citizens.

So, if you are a tree loving soul like us, kindly make a donation to our LET THE TREE LIVE project, and play a part in keeping Northeast India green. 

Mehthod of transfer: International citizens can transfer to us by using Indians can transfer the funds to our bank account. For more details, kindly send us a mail at


Reforestation with Jadav Payeng - Responsible Tourism ProjectThe above project was successfully completed on 23rd June, 2013, when two of our team members took the beaten path and arrived at Jadav's house deep in the heart of countryside Assam to hand him over the funds generated. A sum of Rs.25,000/-, raised from our company's profit and from generous likeminded individuals, has been given to Jadav, with the help of which about 2000 trees will be planted in Assam. A report on this is available in our blog here.