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Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh

10th - 21st December, 2012

Namdapha National Park is undoubtedly one of India's most magical rain fed forest, boasting of a biodiversity that can only be found in few places around the planet. In this tour, you will get to trek through some hard rainforest terrain that is filled with exotic wildlife and flora. The landscapes of Namdapha are truly magical and in many of the campsites one gets spectacular views of the Eastern Himalayas. Once inside the rainforest, you will be meeting the indegenous Lisu Tribe and will get to observe their natural lifestyles. A walk in one of their villages will delight any traveler, with the happy faces, farms, fruits and flowers. Read More

Arunachal Pradesh Trekking - Bailey TrailTHE 'BAILEY TRAIL' GROUP TOUR

Western Arunachal Pradesh

10th - 22nd March, 2013

This trek, retracing the journey taken by two early British surveyors Bailey and Morshed, in the high eastern Himalayas of western Arunachal Pradesh is an ancient trade route, and offers an experience through some breathtaking landscapes of virgin pine, oak and rhododendron forests. At an average of 4000 meters, the panoramic views of the Kangto and Gorichen peaks, two of northeastern India's highest, is a sight to remember. You'll be crossing mountain passes, high altitude solitute lakes, glacial streams and tribal villages of the fascinating Monpa Tribe, who are part animists part Buddhists. A bonus are the campsites which have scenic locations, and a trip to hill station of Tawang, a hub of enlightening Buddhist studies, and home to the magnificent second oldest Buddhist monastery of the world. Read More