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Meghalaya Monsoon


Shillong - Cherrapunji - Mawlynnong

In this tour, you will be visiting the Meghalaya plataeau - lush green forests and rolling hills that exist due to the region receiving the highesst of rainfall. Visit the upbeat and charming hill station of Shillong which is the rock music capital of India and home to smart intellectual people. Vist Cherrapunji which is the rainest and wettest place of planet earth and stay in a tree house at Mawlynnong, a quaint liitle village considered to the cleanest of Asia. All around, there will be countless waterfalls, breathtaking lakes, deep mysterious caves and the presence of frindly charming tribal people. Read More

Tea tourism Assam


Dibrugarh - Sivsagar - Majuli Island - Kaziranga National Park

Assam is a hub for bio-diversity, boasting of four national parks and numerous wildlife sanctuaries. The fertile ground has also made Assam a hub for tea production, where more than 800 tea estates provide the state with a breathtaking landscape of miles and miles of tea gardens, and also provides for clean and unpolluted air. The culture of Assam is deeply rooted in history, to medieval days, when the mighty Ahom Dynasty ruled the region for more than six hundred years. In their regime, Assam saw a kind of cultural renaissance; in areas of arts, religion, literature, music, drama and philosophy. Ruins of this glorious past is still scattered around Assam, and Ahom traditions have deeply influenced the modern-day cultures. In this tour, you will get a chance to stay in a century old heritage tea bungalow surrounded amidst tea gardens. You will be visiting medieval ruins of the Ahom Kingdom, and visit Majuli, which is the largest inhabited river island in the world and also a hotbed for Assamese culture. Lastly, you will visit Kaziranga, a World Heritage Site and one of the best National Park of India; home to tigers and thousands of Rhinos. Read More

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh


Tezpur - Bhalukpong - Dirang - Bomdila - Tawang - Zemithang

Located high up in the mountain ranges of the Eastern Himalayas, at 3500 meters above sea level, is the holy town of Tawang - the land of the Monpas; a tribe that has a culture, which is a mix between indigenous beliefs and Mahayana Buddhism. Having many names, such as The Hidden Paradise and Land Of Snowy Mountains; the region offers breathtaking mountain landscapes, tribal villages, treasures of many rare orchid species, numerous magical Gompas, serene lakes and many other mysteries. And more than anything else, it is the presence of that purity that only Buddhism offers. Numerous holy monasteries make this region a sacred environment. The second largest Buddhist monastery of the world is located here, enlightening the entire landscape with an aura of spirituality. Read More

WILDERNESS OF ASSAM [7D/6N]  Kaziranga National Park Rhino

Manas National Park - Nameri National Park - Kaziranga National Park

Travel to the remote forests of North Eastern India, considered to be one of the most important Eco-region of the world. Witness the amazing diversity of wildlife present. More than 700 species of birds and many varieties of exotic mammals such as Tigers, Rhinos, Deers and more, live in these forests. Your journey will cover two world heritage sites, the Kaziranga National Park and the Manas National Park. An added bonus, will be your visit to the beautiful Nameri National Park, a birder's delight, and also a great place to hang-out. Read More

Arunachal Pradesh Tagin Tribe Old Lady


Ziro - Daporijo - Along - Pasighat - Dibrugarh

In this tour, you'll drive across the central regions of Arunachal Pradesh which is the tribal heartland of the state. Various tribes inhabit these lands where they live in close relationship to nature by using sustainable means to life. Some of the tribes you'll be meeting will be the fascinating Apatani Tribe, the Tagin Tribe, the once warrior Adi Tribe and the Mishmi Tribe. You will get to visit their villages and houses, interact with them and learn about their unique and beautiful ways of simple living. The drive will also pass through some breathtaking landascapes of the Eastern Himalayas, of lush green valeys filled with rainforests. In Ziro, you will visit the famous rice cum fish farms of the Apatanis. In Daporijo and Pasighat, the landscape will be of beautiful formidable mountains and valleys of the Subansiri River and the ever mighty Siang River - two of Northeast India's largest rivers. Read More.

Mizoram Tourism


Aizwal - Champhai - Rihdil - Tamdil - Hmuifang - Reiek

Mizoram is a hilly place located at the southern tip of northeastern India. Covered with verdant forests that teem with bamboo groves, vibrant wildlife, sheer cliffs and breathtaking waterfalls, the state has many unique landmarks of old folklores and picturesque villages of houses built on stilts - a land where a dramatic sea of morning mist unfolds throughout the hills and peaks. This is the land of the Highlanders, or the Mizos, who are by nature carefree and friendly. For anyone looking for a quiet holiday or for some time in the outdoors, Mizoram is a destination worth your while.The state is a kaleidoscopic with its wide array of festivals and dances, handicrafts, flora and fauna, breathtaking natural beauty, and temperate climate. English is commonly spoken here. The joyful enthusiasm and the gregarious spirit of the local populace has been are the main reasons for establishing some of the most attractive tourism features in this beautiful state. Read More

tiger%20in%20Manas%20National%20Park,%20AssamTHROUGH TRIBES & WILDLIFE OF NORTHEAST INDIA [20D/19N]

Assam - Arunachal Pradesh - Nagaland

This tour is a great way to start one's jounrney into Northeast India, meeting the tribes and witnessing the great wilderness that they inhabit. When it comes to wildlife, you will visit 5 of the best national parks of the region, namely, Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Nameri National Park, Dibru-Saikhowa National Park and Namdapha National Park which is India's largest wildlife habitat and rainforest. Among the tribes, you will meet the Apatani Tribe in the valley of Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh, the Konyak Tribe in the mountains of Mon in Nagaland, and learn about the rich Assamese culture in the island of Majuli located midst the mighty Brahmaputra River. Read more



Shillong, Cherrapunji & Mawlynnong - Meghalaya

A short tour to the charming hill station of Shillong which is nestled quaintly in hills that receive some of the highest rainfall in the whole world. Explore a world carved by the power of rain, as you visit numerous known and hidden waterfalls, caves, lakes and peaks which offer breathtaking panoramic views. As a bonus, are visits to Cherrapunji which is the world's wettest and rainiest place, and Mawlynnong which is considered as the cleanest village of Asia. And many more delights. Read more