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7 Nights/ 8 Days


Tourists often overlook the cuisine of Northeast India. But the region, home to various religions and more than 200 tribes, offers food lovers and cultural seekers with an opportunity to taste the cuisines of various cultures which trace their ancestry to faraway lands in Mongolia and Southeast Asia. This is the reason we have come up with this tour, dedicated to the exotic and tasteful cuisine of Northeast India. And besides the food, the natural bliss and friendly people of the region come as a perfect combination to the delicacies of the region.

Starting from the bustling city of Guwahati, where the conglomeration of the various ethnicities of northeastern India has opened doors to various restaurants that offer some unique cuisines, the tour will lead on to the rain-fed forested and grassy hills of Meghalaya. You will visit Shillong, a lush and beautiful hill station, and Mawlynnong, the delightful cleanest village of Asia. Populated mostly by the Khasi Tribe, the region will provide an opportunity to taste the delicious Khasi food, which mostly consists of various meat items, herbs and organic vegetables. Beside the cuisine, you will be visiting the various lakes, waterfalls and living root bridges that the region is famous for. Continuing on to the fertile grasslands of Kaziranga National Park, a world heritage site teeming with wildlife, you will get a chance to experience elephant and jeep safaris into the jungle. The popular ecotourism destination has many restaurants where you will get to taste traditional Assamese and Mishing tribal cuisines. Lastly, the tour will continue to the verdant mountains of the Nagaland, the land of the fierce Naga tribes. In the hill station of Kohima and surrounding simplistic villages, you will get to taste India’s most exotic cuisine, dishes which deal with all kinds of meats, birds and insects. Nevertheless, some of their more normal items, such as those consisting of chicken, pork or beef, are quite delicious and can be eaten by anyone.

In this tour, along with the exotic cuisines, the nature, cultures and wildlife of Northeast India will overwhelm the traveler just as much.


- Experience the many cuisines of Northeast India such as Naga, Assamese, Indian, Khasi and Mishing.

- Visit the hills of Meghalaya, considered as the planet's rainiest and wettest region.

- Visit the many delightful lakes and waterfalls of Meghalaya.

- Visit Mawlynnong, the cleanest village of Asia.

- Visit Kaziranga National Park, a world heritage site and one of India'


This tour is available from late October to mid April.



Day 1

Arrive at Guwahati Airport and drive to city for overnight stay. Since Guwahati is a bustling city with ethnicities from almost all the religions and tribes of Northeast India, for dinner, you may choose from Assamese, Nagamese, Indian and Khasi cuisine. o/n at a 3 star hotel.

Day 2

After breakfast (either English or Indian), you will depart for Shillong (3 hours), the capital of Meghalaya and a gorgeous hill station which was once a holiday destination for the British during the Raj. For lunch and dinner, you will visit 2 local restaurants which serve delicious ethnic cuisine of the Khasi Tribe. Rest of the day will be spent sightseeing around Shillong, where you’ll visit lakes, waterfalls and the Shillong Peak. o/n at Ri-Kynjai, a beautiful 4 star resort, also famous for serving some delicious local cuisine.

Day 3

After breakfast, leave for Mawlynnong (3 hours), the cleanest village of Asia, located in scenic foothills overlooking the plains of Bangladesh. Since tourism in Mawlynnong is a self-sustaining ecotourism project, your stay will be in a tree house or a homestay along with the charming Khasi Tribe. The village will provide a great opportunity to taste some ethnic home-cooked Khasi food and learn from the ladies. Another interesting aspect of the Khasi society is that they are a matrilineal society. Spend rest of the day visiting nearby villages, interacting with the tribes, swimming in the local natural pool and seeing the incredible living root bridges of Meghalaya.

Day 4

After breakfast, leave for Kaziranga National Park (8-9 hours), a world heritage site teeming with wildlife in the heart of Assam. o/n at a delightful jungle lodge.

Day 5

Kaziranga, being a popular niche destination, provides ample opportunity to taste various Assamese cuisine. You will visit 2 of the traditional food joints. Rest of the day will be spend in 1 elephant and 2 jeep safaris into various ranges of the national park. Evening at leisure. Cultural show can be performed.

Day 6, 7

After breakfast, leave for Kohima (4-5 hours) in Nagaland. Located in the Naga hills, Kohima is a beautiful hill station bustling with members of various Naga tribes. In and around Kohima, you will visit various sustainable villages of the tribes, interact with them and taste the Naga cuisine which is famous throughout India for its variety of meat and exoticness. Stay will be in a homestay or a hotel.

Day 8

After breakfast, depart for Dimapur (3 hours) for a return flight. Tour ends.



Accommodations in this trip are chosen after due research. Except Mawlynnong, throughout the trip accommodation will be in delightful 3 or 4 star properties which offer the best of modern luxuries available in the region. In Mawlynnong, accommodation will be basic in tribal cottages.

Price & Booking Information

Price & Booking Information

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Route Map

Route Map

Route Map for Northeast India Culinary Tour





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