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Celebrating Indigenous Peoples is an ongoing series in our blog focussed on indigenous peoples of Northeast India and their times. The series was lauched as our initiative to participate in the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples 2013, an event hosted annually by the UN on 9th August, and was inspired by Indigenous Peoples Week, an unconference hosted by Planeta, a pioneering website about eco-friendly travel curated by Ron Mader.

Festival of Apatani Tribe, Early 1900sAs Northeast India is a region with an incredible cultural diversity of more than 250 tribes and subtribes which trace their ancestry to distant lands in Mongolia and Southeast Asia, it feels important for us to bring awarness about these indigenous cultures. With this blog series, we have tried to use the medium of social media and the web to bring about awareness.

Some good reads from this series are:

<> Re-Visiting the Indigenous Past of Northeast India: This popular post uses the medium of vintage photographs to take readers in a journey into the indigenous past of the people of Northeast India, a time which once was but will never again be.

<> The Angami People of Nagaland: Post about a fascinating culture which likes to live on hill-tops, the Angamis, who are a major tribe who reside in the quaint mountains of Nagaland. The tribe has rich traditional knowledge and still adhere to many of their indigenous ways.