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Kaziranga Assam Rhino


Manas NP - Nameri NP - Kaziranga NP - Gibbon WS - Dibru-Saikhowa NP - Namdapha NP - Dihing Patkai WS

In this once a lifetime tour for the wildlife lovers, tiger chasers and birders, for 17 days, you will go on a thrilling journey in India's wildest territory - Northeastern India. A tour that will cover 5 National Parks and 2 Wildlife Sanctuaries, taking you from the Himalayan foothills of Manas National Park, to the tropical rainforests of India's mightiest and biggest nature reserve - Namdapha National Park. Go chasing Tigers and Rhinos in the vast grasslands of Kaziranga National Park. Visit Gibbon Wildlife Santuary, home to an astonishing seven species of primates. Go boating in Dibru-Saikhowa National Park, a unique wonderland of biodiversity. And not to mention, a wildlife journey in Dihing Patkai Wildlife Santuary, one of India's most unexplored and Assam's only rainforest. All of this, plus a little tour on tea farming in Assam, and learning about the ways of tribal people. Read more


Manas National Park - Nameri National Park - Kaziranga National Park

Travel to the remote forests of North Eastern India, considered to be one of the most important Eco-region of the world. Witness the amazing diversity of wildlife present. More than 700 species of birds and many varieties of exotic mammals such as Tigers, Rhinos, Deers and more, live in these forests. Your journey will cover two world heritage sites, the Kaziranga National Park and the Manas National Park. An added bonus, will be your visit to the beautiful Nameri National Park, a birder's delight, and also a great place to hang-out. Read more


Dibrugarh - Namdapha National Park

The Namdapha National Park, covering an astounding area of 2000 sq. km, is situated in the beautiful valley of the Noa-Dihing River, like a finger into Myanmar. This rugged terrain formed by tropical rain forests of incredible biological diversity, boasts of more than a 1000 plant species, over 500 bird species and a diversity of animal species that is still climbing steeply. And because of its unique geographic location, the park is home to myriad species of exotic plants, birds and animals, many of which are unique to Namdapha only, and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Read more

North East India Birding TourSINGING WITH THE BIRDS [9D/8N]

Manas National Park - Nameri National Park - Kaziranga National Park - Majuli

In this tour, you will visit the best bird-watching places of Northeast India. Your birding adventures will cover two World Heritage Sites, namely Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park. You will also visit the scenic and popular bird watching area of Nameri National Park and end the trip at Asia’s largest river island, Majuli, which is a less popular but exotic birding destination. The landscape trough out the trip will be breathtaking and in exotic locations, and you can expect to see hundreds of species if you are an expert bird watcher. Read more


Kaziranga National Park, Assam

In this tour, you will be visiting Kaziranga National Park in Assam, a world heritage site and one of India's most famous national park, where decades of conservation efforts has given rise to an spectacular display of untamed wildlife at its best. Go for jeep and elephant safaris that will bring you up-close to thrilling encounters with wild beasts. Visit tea gardens, tribal villages, relax, and rejuvenate in Kaziranga ambient jungle vibe. Read more

tiger in Manas National Park, AssamWILDLIFE OF MANAS NATIONAL PARK [4D/3N]

Manas National Park, Assam

Manas National Park is one of Assam's wildest national park, a tiger reserve and a world heritage site. Offbeat and less touristy, Manas offers many delights to the wildlife enthusiast. The wildlife is incredible, and so it is bird diversity. The park is one of best spots to see a tiger or a leopard. Another highlight of Manas National Park is it's location - right next to the beautiful foothills of the kingdom of Bhutan. Go for daytime and nighttime jeep safaris and uncover a world where predators and preys roam wild. Visit tribal villages, tea plantations, and enjoy a great outing over the weekend. Read more

Dibru-Saikhowa National Park - Assam- Wild feral horsesTHROUGH TRIBES & WILDLIFE OF NORTHEAST INDIA [20D/19N]

Assam - Arunachal Pradesh - Nagaland

This tour is a great way to not only get a deep insight into the precious biodiversity of Northeast India, you also get to visit and meet the tribes of the region who inhabit the great wilderness. When it comes to wildlife, you will visit 5 of the best national parks of the region, namely, Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Nameri National Park, Dibru-Saikhowa National Park and Namdapha National Park which is India's largest wildlife habitat and rainforest. Among the tribes, you will meet the Apatani Tribe in the valley of Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh, the Konyak Tribe in the mountains of Mon in Nagaland, and learn about the rich Assamese culture in the island of Majuli located midst the mighty Brahmaputra River. Read more


Nameri National Park, Assam

This short tour, mainly for the birding enthusiasts, is to Nameri National Park which is Assam's most scenic wildlife habitat, situated beside the Jia-Bhoroli River. The park, apart from a few mammals, boasts of more than four hundred species of rare and common birds, making it an absolute delight for birders. In this tour, you will get to go for thrilling nature walks to the core of the jungle. You may also raft down the Jia-Bhoroli River or visit villages of the local tribe. Read more