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TOUR: Tour of Tawang & Meghalaya

DATE: May 2013

An awesome trip! Food, accommodation, transport and itinerary - all of them were great. My only regret is that I couldn't spend more time at Tawang :-)

Thank you Vaivhav! And a big thank you to Bamin Baro and Manab too!

Monica Swamiraj

TOUR: Birding tour of Manas National Park & Nameri National Park in Assam

DATE: April 2013

Hooded Pitta at Manas National ParkMy recent trip to Manas and Nameri turned out to be awesome experience. Vaivhav was very exceptional in handling my queries. Before my trip he had talked to me about my needs and what i was basically looking for. Based on my requirement he tailormade the trip and arranged it accordingly. The places I visited was quite remote. All booking were taken care without any hassle.

Tour guide was well knowledgeable and had utmost respect for guests. I had never imagined that a trip like this was ever possible. It was a dream come true for me.

Ramachandra Urs
United Kingdom 

Sir Robin with our guide Cardo in a hanging bridge over the Siang River.

TOUR: Tour of eastern Arunachal Pradesh and Mon district of Nagaland

DATE: March 2013

Thank you for giving me such a great tour. Cardo was a great guide and looked after me very well and  Manam was the perfect driver for the trip. They dealt with the problem with the dates of the permit very well by filling in the extra days with the trip to Mon so that I could still get all the days I had paid for. All together it was a great trip with the perfect team.

Best wishes,

Robin Stephenson
United Kingdom


TOUR: Tribal tour of Nagaland

DATE: February 2013

We had a once in a lifetime experience with the hills and tribes of Nagaland, made possible by the excellent organisation of Vaivhav and the staff of Greener Pastures. Our guide and driver could not have been better.

Elinor & David Camrass

TOUR: An introductory tour of Meghalaya

DATE: January 2013

Thanks Vaivhav and Greener Pastures for organizing a fantastic trip to Meghalaya. The guides were knowledgable, flexible and with a keen interest in the region. We felt we had a really unique experience, and are already contemplating our next visit to the region. Greener Pastures will hear from us again.

Petter Tollefsen

TOUR: Logistics and ground support for a leading televesion channel filming a travel show to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh

DATE: December 2012

Thank you for all your support in making our shooting schedule here in Arunachal Pradesh. An adventure to remember!

We wish you guys all the very best for the future.


NDTV Good Times


TOUR: Customized tour to Tawang and Kaziranga National Park.

DATE: November 2012

First of all I would like to underline that Henrik and I had a fabulous tour to Arunachal Pradesh. Both our driver and guide were excellent companions on the journey leaving us feeling well taken care of, informed, enriched and safe. 
Arunachal Pradesh as a travel destination left us both speechless and wanting us to linger on, - the nature is incredible, the villages unspoiled and the religion fascinating.
Regarding Greener Pastures, it is difficult for me to revert as I'm left with a feeling that the succes of a trip depends more on the guide than on the agent itself. I can say that you most certainly arranged for a well qualified guide and safe driver for us as well as we never had any issues regarding the accommodation and so forth. Beyond no doubts, this was one of the best travel experiences we have had till date. Thank you.
Barbara & Henrik Westerlin

TOUR: Wildlife and tea tour of Assam

DATE: November 2012

Overall we had a good time. The cars, drivers, hotels were all good.  No complaints.
The guide Swapan was good.  Punctual. Very thoughtful.  Shared lots of useful info, options that made best use of our time.  Offered us traditional assamese food on several locations at small hotels where the locals eat. Would never have known this. Also took us to the Karbi festival that happened to be on when we were there.  Showed us good shopping opportunities in the markets. Was open to new suggestions and ideas to do things even if not on the original itinerary  - as long as we paid for it of course On the whole took very good care of us. Recommended.
Peter Theobald

TOUR: Wildlife and tribal tour of Arunachal Pradesh.
DATE: April 2012
My wife and I had little doubts about what we would find in a place as remote as Arunachal Pradesh and even though the region has little modern amenities, we were surprised with the way Greener Pastures handled the trip and ensured that most of the places we stayed in were authentic and clean. The guide was young and went out of the way to make us feel comfortable. The hightlight of trip was obviously the simple tribal people of the state who opened their hearts to us and the spectacular scenery of the eastern Himalayan belt. I will certainly be contacting you guys again.
Greg and Susanna
United Kingdom

TOUR: Wildlife tour of Assam, covering Manas, Nameri and Kaziranga national parks.

DATE: March 2012

Coming to a very less known place like Assam, we initially had doubts regarding what to expect. But the lads at Greener Pastures really made a difference. The accommodations and the services provided were superb. The best part of the trip was that we were provided with really interesting wildlife guides who had a keen knowledge about the ecology and wildlife of the National Parks. They took all the time to show us different species and seemed to be wildlife enthusiasts themselves. This helped a lot. Well, we would recommend taking a tour with Greener Pastures if you are into wildlife, and specially birds. Thank you for all the help.

Alan Christopher

TOUR: Customized tour to Namdapha National Park and other tribal, wildlife areas in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

DATE: January 2012

Benno, Abdullah and our dear friend Bhaskar, having a delightful and happy moment, on being offered unlimited supply of vairous local dishes and alcoholic brews. Namdapha was very special...Coming out of a three day trek in dense green jungle-terrain it was spectacular to arrive at the river bank and get the side of the lower himalayan mountain-range and to meet this beautiful guy on an elephant inviting us to rest at his house.. Never forget it...

With Vaivhav´s way of handling things, of exploring, one might end up in situations which were not planned but are part of the adventure. Those adventures are being lived and cherished from him as much as yourself. One is literaly´ together´ in this. So we would improvise a lot, which was mandatory in those remote areas , like Namdapha. He is a young, easy going guy who will continue to grow on experience, being fascinated by his own country, especially the blank spots on it...


Benno Furmann

TOUR: Customized tour to visit the eastern most edge of India and other attractions of Northeast India.

DATE: December 2011

Mr. Bhat, along with Co-founders Vaivhav Todi and Neil Barooah, at the eastern most edge of India.It was a wonderful tour of North East for me as well as my family and friends. I had toured and trekked in many Himalayan regions like J&K, Zanskar, Himachal Pradesh, UttaraKhand, Sikkim, West Bengal, Nepal, Man Sarovar etc. To be frank with you, I had never thought that NE could be so beautiful and wonderful. Himalaya is Himalaya, it is unique every where.

The Lohit Valley and Kibithoo are something which will be remembered for a long long time. The trek in Namdapha National Park and Double Decker Living Root Bridge, visit to Sri Krishna Tea Estate, Cherrapunji, Manas, Kaziranga etc will be cherished for a long time to come.

The Juicy Oranges of Arunachal Pradesh was something which I can never forget in my life. In fact it has made me to travel in NE regions during Orange Season only !!.

Because of lack of time, I could explore only Assam, Meghalaya and part of Arunachal. However the pleasant experience  has made me to explore other regions of NE, sooner.

The icing on the cake was your arrangement during the entire stretch of the tour. Even though you are new and not much experienced in this field; your sincerity, dedication and approach has made these places look more wonderful than otherwise. I will definitely take your help in future, whenever God give me some time to explore other hidden places of NE.

May you prosper in your field and serve the needy tourists to explore the unexplored places of NE and there-by help the local tourism in a big way.


B P Bhat