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Discover and showcase exotic places

A lot of places in the region deserve recognition for their beauty. We, at Greener Pastures strive to bring these little or unknown places to our travelers.

Promote community development

Promoting community development by organizing various workshops, clinics etc. You as a traveler can look forward to staying with the various tribal communities and learn about them, and in-turn spread awareness amongst them

Empowering local youth

Empowering the local youths by providing them employment in the tourism sector, and making them aware of the rich culture and heritage they belong to.

Raise a voice against environment crimes

Amidst the beauty of the region, there is a silent danger of poaching of both wildlife and flora. It is our aim at Greener Pastures to raise a voice against these environmental crimes.

Promote local arts and crafts

The many tribes and cultures of the region, all of them have their own intricate style of arts and crafts. We want to showcase and advertize these rare commodities, so that they can be preserved before they become extinct. In return, such a practise also helps in local communities find an alternative and sustainable source of income.

Assist social citizens

Greener Pastures will provide ground assistance to various environmentalists (NGO’s, Filmmakers, Photographers etc), so that they can easily come to the region and set base.

Promote responsible tourism

Promote tourism industry, so that an alternative source of income can be provided, and at the same time bring an end to the consumption of various resources of the region for monetary benefits.